Quotidian Minutiae

Just One More is a haphazardly maintained journal of daily shaves (SOTD).

There are some equally haphazard pages of questionable accuracy for remembering some of brushes, razors, soaps, and stones that I have known.

While I've used several platforms for logging shave hardware & software over the years (Day One, WordPress, Invision, etc.) I drew a line in the sand and decided to start fresh in 2023 with the write.as platform just to play with something new.

Stay Sharp My Friend

Try Shaving Old School, You'll Save Money!

Perfectly satisfactory shaves can be yours for pennies, and in minutes. Nobody needs all this stuff.

As a hobby though, wet shaving is cheaper than aircraft or motorcycles or vintage autos, and less time consuming than maintaining a Lotus Europa. OK, fine, maybe about the same as owning a Lotus Europa in terms of the ratio of tinkering vs using. Source: my late brother.

It helps to be retired and have time for leisurely shaves and unnecessary experiments just for the sake of learning something new or trying a technique. Tinker and explore and Try All The Things.

There is always one more thing to try.


Foam is terrible, use a brush and soap! Synthetic brushes are great, try a boar brush! Boar brushes are great, try a badger brush! Natural brushes are too fussy, try these new synthetics they rock!


Double-edge razors are great, try single-edge! Single-edge razors are great, try shavettes! Shavettes are great, try straight razors! Try a modest modern razor! You can get vintage razors for cheap on the ‘bay; best deals around! Somebody has a popular model for sale in perfect new-old-stock condition! Looks rough but you can probably fix this up someday! You really should try a handmade razor from a modern artisan! I just need a good example of a Sheffield, Solingen, and Japanese razor! Wow they come in framebacks, rattlers, wedges, near wedges, quarter, half, full and extra hollow! Whoa, kamisoris are interesting! Have you seen the scales on this one? They’re art! Straight razors are great, hone ’em yourself!


Honing is simple, just use film and maintain on balsa strops! Film is boring, balsa has no mojo; have you tried a stone? Just get finishing stone to refresh edges! That edge is trashed, you’ll need a bevel setter! That bevel is coarse, better get a midrange! Synthetic stones are great, try natural stones!


Creams are great, try some hard soaps! Soaps are great, how about this interesting scent? Scents are great, how about a matching or complementary aftershave? Hey your favorite soap has been reformulated in a new revolutionary base!

And so it goes ...

How many soaps, brushes, razors, and stones are enough?