Brushes come and go — many brushes listed may have been sold or traded.

Blacklands Signature Captain’s Choice synth Crabtree & Evelyn Best Elite HMW Elite Manchurian Hans Baier silvertip Leonidam Horus Silvertip Maggard Timberwolf Maseto Memphis Synthetic Maseto Two Band Finest Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger Morris & Forndran Heritage II L7 Morris & Forndran L7 Finest Morris & Forndran Style 2 Finest Morris & Forndran Style 2 Finest Paladin Chief Paladin Cleo Paladin Moe Paladin Sherlock Plisson #8 Haute Montagne Razorock 400 SE Razorock 506 Boar Rudy Vey LE 2019 Manchurian Rudy Vey LE 2020 Silvertip Semogue 1470 Boar Shavemac Beagle Shavemac Beagle Three Band Shavemac Two Band Simpson 46 Berkeley Best Simpson Chubby 2 Platinum Simpson Duke 3 Manchurian Simpson Duke 3 Two-Band Silvertip Simpson Eagle 2 Two Band Silvertip Simpson Eagle 3 Manchurian Simpson Eagle 3 Two Band Silvertip Simpson Emperor 3 Super Simpson Emperor 3 Two-Band Silvertip Simpson Keyhole 4 Best Simpson M7 Manchurian Simpson Persian Jar Two-Band Silvertip Simpson Rover Two-Band Silvertip Simpson Wee Scot Spiffo Tagd Manchurian 2-Band Thäter 3 Band Super Yaqi Aqua Silvertip Wald A1 Zenith E2 Extra Fine Horse